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An opportunity for deepening prayer and knowledge of God

Georgina Alexander

When I first heard of the SCL about two years ago I thought it was something that I didn‘t need.

My husband had died 14 years ago and I knew that I would never marry again. I had been an Oblate of SLG and in Life Promises for 27 years and I was bound by my promises to try to live in the spirit of the SLG rule, which is to help in the work of reconciliation by prayer and intercession and to share in the Office of the church.

Georgina at her vows

However, after further thought I began to see that the SCL is a commitment to the service and support of the wider church, not only through a particular Community, or indeed even to a particular Parish. The support will be in the forms of prayer and service. For some people there will be more emphasis on an active service and for others an emphasis on prayer and intercession, so it is possible, within SCL to live out one‘s own particular attraction as inspired by the Holy Spirit.

The solitude gives freedom for prayer and silence and study. It is not an aloneness; a form of isolation, but an opportunity for deepening prayer and knowledge of God.

My own Consecration took place at a Mass on the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows. That seems a very appropriate and lovely occasion for a Widow and Mother and Grandmother.

I had asked for it to take place at a low Mass as I felt an attraction for a kind of hiddenness, though many friends did come to the service. Our Bishop, Andrew of Ebbsfleet came to celebrate the Feast and spoke very movingly about the value of a life of prayer. I felt very humbled by the beautiful prayers and acts of commitment I had to make but, as a Priest friend said, it was not so much that I didn‘t deserve such a beautiful service, but rather that God deserves everything.