Book reviews

From time to time one of our group reads a book that is relevant to the Single Consecrated Life, these pages share their thoughts and views on the books they have read.

A simplified life

A Simplified Life

by Verena Schiller

Verena Schiller is a member of the Anglican Community of the Holy Name who for twenty five years has been permitted to follow a call to solitude in…

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Book cover background of abstract watercolour shapes in blues, pinks and purples. The title, subtitle and author are in white text

Consecrated Celibacy

by Christine Barnabas

This book was published in 2022 and is an ideal and compact resource for anyone who is discerning a call to the Single Consecrated Life or has already…

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Following the silence cover

Following the Silence

by Georgina Alexander

At confirmation services, I encourage candidates to give their testimonies. It can be a very powerful witness as a candidate gives an account of his…

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Infinite Horizons cover

Infinite Horizons

by James MC Caffrey

Fr James McCaffrey is a well-known writer in Carmelite Circles. He's written a number of books drawing upon the spirituality and writings of our…

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John of the cross cover

John of the Cross

by Fr Ian Matthew, OCD

Very affordable at just £5, John of the Cross: Seasons of Prayer is a good introduction to the writings of the great Doctor of the Church St John…

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Selling all cover

Selling All

by Prof. Sandra M Schneiders IHM

‘Selling All’, is the second volume in a trilogy, ‘Religious Life in a new Millennium’. In this masterly work Schneiders makes…

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Cover of Seven Silver rings

Seven Silver Rings

by Julia Faire

In “Seven Silver Rings”, 7 members of The Jesus Fellowship tell their stories of how God called them to be celibate for Him and how their…

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