As we share our stories, our prayer is that you, will be blessed and come into a deeper understanding of what living the Single Consecrated life is all about.

A tree in a forrest

A difference after my vows

Daniel Berry

I made my First Vows to the Single Consecrated Life on 03/02/13 at St Swithin's, Walcot, Bath. The date was, of course, Candlemas, which apparently…

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A collection of Tulips

A homecoming to what I had been looking for

Ann Davies

The birth of John the Baptist – celebrated on the 24th June – is always going to be a very significant day for me, since “the beginning…

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There is a newness to my faith. A clarity that wasn’t there before. The sun is most definitely shining.

A life offered up - taking oblate vows

Pat Blalock

What is an oblate?

I remember asking that question in 2018, sitting in Sue’s front room, clutching notebook and pen. I was visiting Sue…

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Pink tree blossom

A most stunning piece of good fortune indeed

Raylia Chadwick

Someone asked me, 'What is it to live a consecrated life?'
As I see it, a consecrated life is to be drawn more closely into a living relationship…

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A ladybird on a daisy

A Solitary within SCL

Mary Vickerage

My Christian journey has taken me from being a wife of 29 years and mother of three, through the testing of my vocation to the Religious Life between…

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Water droplets on a purple leaf

An absolutely wonderful and awesome day

Sue Grimes

Sue Grimes made her 1st vow of consecrated celibacy on July 4th in her parish church of St John the Evangelist, South Bank, Middlesbrough in a service…

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A blue Hydrangea

Bringing it all into the silence of God’s compassion

Catherine Wood

I thought I knew how the day of making my first SCL vows was going to be on Dec 6 2013. The CSC Sisters I live with at Ham were happy for the service…

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Looking up at trees

Call to an undivided heart

An SCL Member

When I first approached making this vow, I saw it as a case of giving up certain ‘rights.’ I give up marriage, a significant other, children…

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Blue and purple flowers

Everything the same, but different

Tracey Sutton-Becker

A week ago I stood before my bishop and church and friends and made my first vows.

The day was wonderful even though I was very nervous. Yet…

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Light streaming through the trees

Following whereever God leads me

Carol Bull

My first vow ceremony was held on the 1st October at the Bishop’s Chapel in Ipswich, Suffolk as part of a said service of Holy Communion and it…

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A tree with apple blossoms

God always with us on our journey

Gillian Parnell

All Christians and those called to marriage hopefully know the joy of giving and receiving love. For 7-8 years, I have felt called to make a vow of…

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A blue butterfly on a leaf

Grounded sanctity

Margaret Gale

“And now”, said my Rector sagely, “you live it. Go on doing the ordinary things that you do as Churchwarden, sweep the path, clear…

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Yellow flowers

Helping me to grow and live my Christian Life


The service at Bishops House, led by the Bishop of Blackburn to The Single Consecrated Life was wonderful. I felt totally blessed and soaked in the…

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A bible with a cross over it

How God is always working and guiding us forward


When Bishop Ruth suggested that I give my testimony during the service, I agreed. Whilst, it is about my own journey, as Jesus leads me graciously along…

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A ladybird on a bush

Journeying with Christ

Diana Pinchin

Recently I made my final vow to the Single Consecrated Life (SCL). The service took place at St. John’s Church, Merrow. At the service, which…

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A pink and yellow lily

Living a Religious Life

Jackie Robson

On the 29th July I made my life vow to the Single Consecrated Life in front of my Bishop and the congregation and friends at Sheffield Cathedral. It…

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A field of tulips

Mary’s story

Mary Johnson

Mary made her vow in her parish church: St Peter’s, Petersham, Surrey on the 15th April 2013.

She suffers from terminal cancer. +Christopher,…

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A selection of blue flowers

Never forget the individuals that played a part in your journey

Sr. Theresa Mary’s

My first vow at Candlemas on the 2 Feb 2011 was a very uplifting and moving service for me. The fact that my vows were made within the context…

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A field of purple crocus

Receptivity to God

Margaret Eaton

Memories of my Consecration: as I try to reconstruct memories of my consecration my main impressions are of light and joy and love, and my emotions…

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Close up photo of red flowers

Reflections on the Carmelite Tradition

Sr Heidi SCL

My interest in the Carmelites began a long time ago, when reading “The Story of a Soul”, the autobiography of St Therese of Lisieux. Later…

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A red butterfly on a leaf

The church felt full of God’s presence

Patricia Heillier

On the 25th March 2012, in Allerton church, Somerset I made my life vow to the Single Consecrated Life. It is a small country village church in a beautiful…

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A bunch of purple crocus

To put nothing before the love of Christ

Sheila Scrowcroft

On Wednesday 28th April 2011, vigil of the Feast of St Catherine of Siena, during Solemn Mass, I professed my first vow into the Single Consecrated…

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a fork in a woodland path

Unexpected paths

Diana Woodcock

My life has not gone quite as I thought it would! In 1969 I was clothed as a Novice in the Order of The Society of The Holy Trinity at Ascot.


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