A wooden cross on a hill A wooden cross on a hill

Hidden in The Cross

Hidden in the Cross

A heart breaks with joy at the power of your Love

The love of a Lover of Souls

One bringing to each the unspeakable hidden spaces of Grace

That which only the Spirit gives

A Grace that forges forgiveness and hope

In the thrust of thorns, the iron nails, and a wounding spear

The only sacrifice worthy in the suffering Cross.


Now transformed into Glorious praises

Touched beyond recognition is the blood poured out for all

Embraced by the Light, the fire, a searing flame

To quench the thirst of a parched soul

The Breath of Life breathed into all creatures of the Beloved

To rapture one's void only for oneself.


The heart is not hidden from the Beloved

For nothing is covered from You O Lord inside or outside

Yet to hide in You Alone is freedom and peace

The Light that illuminates flesh and spirit in blazing Joy

To caress the Cross in one's hiding place.


By Eileen Marie Ferriot, Tssf.  (Tina)
August, 2011