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Friends of SCL

The Single Consecrated Life network includes members who have taken a vow of celibacy, seekers who are on the journey towards profession, and others (friends), who for various reasons do not wish to take such vows. Or people who live the vowed life in provinces outside of England and Wales.

An SCL friend is someone who wants to support the network by prayer and attendance at SCL meetings and events.

There is no requirement for a friend to attend meetings, but it is hoped that praying for SCL will be a part of their life. They are welcome to be listed in the SCL prayer diary and to receive the newsletter. Friends may be married, or people who are celibate but do not feel called to public vows (unless they live in other provinces). They should be committed Christians who are sympathetic to the ethos of SCL.

An SCL friend will receive the newsletter and prayer information. We ask a small annual donation of £25 towards expenses.

Please contact us if you would like an application form