A photo of a garden A photo of a garden

My Secret Garden

by Revd Edwin Phillips

I have a secret garden
of solitude and peace
Away from the world of traffic
where earthly cares all cease.

I often walk in my garden
in the sunset or the dawn
It’s there I meet my Saviour
who is the Lord of all.

Always, he is there before me;
lovingly and patiently he waits,
He smiles and is pleased to receive me;
His arms held out to embrace.

I tell him my joys and my sorrows,
the burdens I carry each day.
My love and concern for my loved one,
each one I mention by name.

One day he will ask me to stay there
and not return to my home;
From there he will take me to glory
where sorrow and pain are no more.

“But where” you may ask “is this garden”;
I’ll tell you it’s here in my heart;
But I long to be there in his garden
for ever and never depart.

You too may have such a garden;
a place to withdraw from the world.
To walk hand in hand with your Saviour
believing and trusting his word.