Across The Pond and Close in Prayer

Hi! My name Eileen Marie Ferriot but most people call me by my nickname, Tina. I was born and have lived in the United States all my life. Born in Akron, Ohio, I came and have lived in Sacramento, California for 53 years. I currently live in a one bedroom apartment and have been here 25 years. I am fifty-seven years old and during my mother's pregnancy with me, she was exposed to the German measles. As a consequence, I was early on diagnosed as being legally blind. It wasn't until I was twelve years old that I learned of my disability. My family treated me as though I just had poor vision. Total acceptance of my condition came at age thirty-seven.

I have always believed that God has a purpose for my life through this gift of vision.

My maternal family practiced their spiritual devotion within the context of the Roman Catholic Church and my paternal relatives were Methodist. My parents had me baptized in the Roman Catholic Church. My parents were divorced when I was three year old and after that time, I experienced several denominational changes in my early childhood years. I have been exposed to the Presbyterian, Lutheran, Unity, Methodist, and Roman Catholic traditions. I admit though that my first real experience of the living Christ was at age seven when looking at the cross in the Presbyterian Church we attended. I also focused much of my growing years on the Roman Catholic theology of the wonderful life of Mother Mary and the Saints in meditating on the Rosary Mysteries.

Awe the beautiful spiritual experience one can have within the context of the Episcopal/Anglican Communion. I became an Episcopalian February 1976. I continue to be a member of the same parish now for thirty-four years. I am also a Professed Member in the Third Order of the Society of St. Francis. I was professed on March 9, 1996. In 2005 my life changed after experiencing what I believe to be a marriage dream. I have never been married and have no children. I began discerning my call. After five years of exploration with the Rector of St. Michael's parish, The Rt. Rev. Barry Beisner, the Third Order of the Society of St. Francis and the Community of St. Francis, I realized my call was to the Single Life. 9

It continues to be a challenging journey but one that I have dedicated to live out for the rest of my life. I was consecrated to the Single Life on April 17, 2010 by The Rt. Rev. Barry L. Beisner in the company of St. Michael's parishioners, family members, and a diverse group of friends. It is my desire to become more joined with others who are on a similar spiritual journey in living out the Single Consecrated Life. God's Peace and Joy! Tina.