a fork in a woodland path a fork in a woodland path

Unexpected paths

Diana Woodcock

My life has not gone quite as I thought it would! In 1969 I was clothed as a Novice in the Order of The Society of The Holy Trinity at Ascot.

I thought that is where God wanted me and where I would spend my life. However, three years later as I was about to make my Profession I had to make the difficult decision with the help of Reverend Mother to leave to take care of family. Little did I know the path God would take me on. I have worked with the elderly, the terminally ill, taken care of nieces and nephews and my best friend’s children who were teenagers when she died.

Then after I retired and returned home from The States quite by chance I found SCL and realised without any doubt God had led me to this point in my faith journey. I feel that on August 6th when I took my lifetime vow that I had completed a circle. The service was amazing and so uplifting.

I felt truly blessed by the unexpected support of so many attending. I know it will not always be easy, but knowing God is with me whether I am aware of His Presence or not will keep me on track.