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Journeying with Christ

Diana Pincin

Recently I made my final vow to the Single Consecrated Life (SCL). The service took place at St. John’s Church, Merrow. At the service, which I put together, I chose the theme of Journeying with Christ, choosing hymns and responses which were not only meaningful for me but hopefully would help others. The feedback I received was that it was very God centred and all present felt something of God’s presence, one of my aims of the service.

During the service my mother read the Prayer of Teresa of Avila: Sr. Catherine, who I have known since becoming an Associate of the Sisters of the Church, read the call of Samuel (1Samuel 3 :1-10) in which the Lord speaks to Samuel; and I read the Gospel (John 1: 35-47 the call of the First Disciples). Catherine Wood, of the Single Consecrated Life, led some very meaningful prayers and my spiritual director, Rev Canon Stuart Thomas, in addition to presenting me to the Bishop, also preached on responding to God’s calling.  My friend, Rev Diana Matthews, acted as Deacon and Bishop’s Chaplain.

To mark the occasion I was presented with a candle which had been specially decorated. It was lovely to catch up with friends before the service over a special tea.

I feel, as a result of making this life vow, part of my calling to serve God has been fulfilled, having first heard his voice at the age of eight, I am now 57.