Blue and purple flowers Blue and purple flowers

Everything the same, but different

Tracey Sutton-Becker

A week ago I stood before my bishop and church and friends and made my first vows.

The day was wonderful even though I was very nervous. Yet when the time came as I and my presenter, Ruth stepped forward my nerves seem to settle.

The journey to that moment took a very long time because i didn't understand what was going on in my life. Then one day I met Gillian of SCL who was telling me about her life and vows. It was like all the lights came on and all the bells were ringing. I then understood what God was calling me to. But I am sure you would prefer the short version right now. Three days ago someone asked me how do I feel now I have taken this blessed step?

All I could say is everything is just the same, yet everything is different. A week on all I can tell you is I am truly happy in a way I can't explain. I have worn a veil for a long time now and now I feel called to wear the scapular. As a religious I feel I have finally come home to the place my life through grace has been leading to.

My heart is full of joy, of peace and belonging. Maybe what I have written here doesn't make too much sense. But words are not big enough to express the joy of being joined to Christ through the single consecrated life. Blessed be the Lord.