A sleeping kitten A sleeping kitten


Article by Margaret Gale

Have you ever felt this tired? This is one for all of us who have been burning the candle at both ends. The blissful look on the cat’s face says it all. When you need restful sleep - go for it, for he gives to his beloved sleep.  One of my earliest spiritual directors asked me what I watched on TV before I went to bed. Part of his response to my answer was that late night viewing does not prepare for a good night’s sleep. The last things in your mind when you settle down to sleep will affect it. Your preparations for sleep should be carefully and thoughtfully worked out. 

In the Ancren Riwle, the Anchoresses are instructed that when they lay down to sleep, they should think about sleep. I usually say the second collect from Evening Prayer (CW), or “I will lay me down in peace” from Compline.

The good advice went into decline during the last years of my working life as I was so tired that I literally fell into bed and asleep before my head really settled on the pillow.

Since entering into consecration I have revived it, and can testify to the benefits, even after a long PCC meeting! Just a few thoughts on a subject that I have not often heard aired in spiritualities. For those who do suffer from insomnia, or nights when sleep does not come, I offer this lovely prayer that a friend gave me when she saw my haggard looks after a bad night’s sleep.

Christ of the sleepless night,

Whose heart was made  for us a wilderness:

Now pray for us among your stars,

That we might find  Our rest in You.

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